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Just last month, the Lighthouse for Women and Children hosted a very special day: the wedding of Elizabeth and Alexander Anguino. It is the first wedding to be held at the Lighthouse, and took place just two days after Liz’s graduation from the program.

“Liz has grown immensely as a Lighthouse sister,” said Rene Camper, program manager. “She has experienced the ups and downs of recovery from start to finish and learned to surrender her heart to Christ.”

Prior to the marriage, the couple sought out pre-marital counseling, where Alex gave his life to Christ. The happy couple welcomed a baby this month, Liz’s fifth.

Dee Frighetti, director of the Lighthouse, said it was a beautiful wedding. “I felt honored to be a part of it, in addition to seeing the transformation take place in Liz’s heart,” she said.

The wedding day was filled with the presence of God and attended by all of Liz’s Lighthouse sisters who helped to decorate and make the day extra special for the couple. “Just having all the support from the Lighthouse made me feel as if my entire family was present,” Liz said.

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