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There are more than 1,700 men, women and children experiencing homelessness in Ventura County

Lives Changed For Good

Derrick leaves ‘hustler’ lifestyle behind, becomes the father God called him to be

Continuing our 2024 focus on “Engagement,” we follow Derrick as he re-engages with family, work, and church. On Sunday mornings you can find program graduate Derrick and his son Isaiah at the Church for the Nations in downtown Oxnard. This was Derrick’s childhood church, and he is overjoyed being back there and seeing his son’s…

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Program gives Delphina time to heal from years of abuse

She’s recognizing generational trauma and patterns “It’s kind of a long story,” Delphina says when asked about her upbringing. She explains her mother was “really into drugs and partying” and often cheated on her partner. Delphina and her sisters were the products of these affairs. “We all had his last name, but he never treated…

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Brent finds his calling

This month, Brent celebrates six years of sobriety Brent started drinking at just 8 years old. At 11, his stepfather kicked him out of the house after Brent reported him for physical abuse. “I went to school and couldn’t always hide the bruises,” Brent said. “One day my teacher asked, and I told them it…

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Lighthouse for Women and Children

With an overall capacity of 112 beds, the Lighthouse offers a full range of care specifically tailored to the needs of homeless women and children, including shelter, substance abuse recovery, case management, education, life skills development, vocational training, transitional housing, and referrals.

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We are here for you. Select the service you need and we will provide compassionate and effective care to the best of our ability.

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Donate, volunteer, spread the word, involve your church or service group. Find out all the different ways you can be a part of the solution.

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welcome to the ventura county rescue mission

in addition to providing food clothing and shelter to our homeless we also have a 10 month life recovery program

welcome to our receiving area this is the rescue mission's main entrance

this is where donations are dropped off you can pull your car up and one of our staff members will take your items and provide you a receipt


this is our main lobby and behind me is our dining area where men in our life recovery program eat breakfast lunch and dinner

before meals we recite a weekly bible verse and then we pray

this is where the men in our life recovery program stay

at our fullest we house about 65 men that stay in dorm rooms just like this one

the men are in a strict schedule however they wake up every morning at five and they go to bed at 8 30

but more importantly this is where they develop friendships that last a lifetime

this is our chapel this is a place every morning we do roll call with our men

it's also a place where our counselors teach their classes

we also have bible studies that go on like the one behind me right now

we have a certified chef on staff who oversees all the meals that we prepare on a daily basis

he also leads our culinary arts program where men learn how to cook

in a commercial kitchen all the meals that are prepared feed the men in our life recovery program as well as the homeless in our community

when you partner with us at the ventura county rescue mission you're supporting our life recovery program and giving people the opportunity to learn about jesus

your help allows us to provide food clothing and shelter to our homeless

please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions