What's the most important New Year's Resolution you will make? What about changing a life?

There are more than 1,700 men, women and children experiencing homelessness in Ventura County

Lives Changed For Good

Cierra seeks help after losing custody of her baby daughter

The domestic violence Cierra witnessed in her parents’ relationship had an effect on her from a young age. The middle child of three recalls the negative attitude and general distrust that stemmed from her home life. “I was very angry growing up because of what I saw,” she said. Cierra’s parents divorced and her mom…

Dalton: 'It's time to sit still and trust God'

Dalton remembers always feeling like the black sheep of his family. “I was a sensitive child,” Dalton said. “My older sister got straight As. My older brother was a happy-go-lucky kid. I was always crying about every little thing that didn’t go my way. From a young age, I felt like I was a burden…

Will is grateful for the Mission’s ‘open arms’

Will calls the Los Angeles home he grew up in broken. His parents were both drug addicts and they divorced when he was 12. He has a brother and sister. “I come from a family of drug addicts. I got into a lot of trouble when I was younger, just missing school, going to juvenile…

Lighthouse for Women & Children

With an overall capacity of 112 beds, the Lighthouse offers a full range of care specifically tailored to the needs of homeless women and children, including shelter, substance abuse recovery, case management, education, life skills development, vocational training, transitional housing, and referrals.

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