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Running on Empty

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“I heard about the Lighthouse through my grandparents, they knew someone who worked here. I had a feeling that the Lighthouse might be where I needed to go. I was hesitant because the program is nine months, but then I decided to try it; I was tired of running,” states Kuliah.

Her running began as a child. Living back and forth between her mother and grandparents, she shares, “I lived most the time with my mom. My dad was always in and out of prison. My grandparents were strict, so I found myself at my mom’s because I could pretty much do what I wanted there.” She continues. “The innocent things I loved to do as a child were eventually replaced when I started to rebel in junior high. I started hanging out with the wrong people. My addiction to drugs started in high school. That’s when I began running away.”

Kuliah shares, “During my sophomore year, I became involved in an inappropriate, unhealthy relationship. I ran away to another state and told no one. I ran away with an individual who introduced me to other drugs and my addiction sped out of control. I would try to go to school, but I would get high, and it felt as if everyone knew I was high. So I would run away or I would go to school and get high with someone else. I tried to accomplish goals and finish school, but I couldn’t because of drugs.”

She continues, “My friend and I tried to get clean. We attempted church and meetings. I thought for a while we were doing okay until we ended up moving into a drug infested neighborhood. This made it difficult to stay sober. I wanted a better life. I knew I had to leave my friend. I finally got the courage to do it and ran to my grandparents who then referred me to the Lightouse.”

Kuliah concludes, “Since I have been at the Lighthouse, I have been able to gain a closer relationship with God and improve myself. I now feel strong enough to make it in this world. The biggest change I see in myself is my attitude. I now have a strong urge to do the right things and I have set life goals.”

No longer running, Kulia’s future is bright. She is accomplishing many goals. She states, “I am working on getting my daughter back and I am getting my GED and driver’s license so I can go to college. I feel self-sufficient and I want to be successful. I can do this by looking to God for guidance. I am very blessed by the donors. Thank you so much for the opportunity you have given me; for allowing me to be here to learn about God and myself.

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