From the Director – October

What comes to your mind when you hear the word chaplain?

Do you think of the Armed Forces or university chaplains? Take a look at this picture. Everyone in it (except me, standing in the back, dead center) is a hard working chaplain at the Ventura County Rescue Mission. We have just hired Duane Caster, just below me on my right. Now we can expand the number of program men to 65—the more men we can help, the better.

All the chaplains have degrees from universities and some have their master’s degrees from seminaries. Their job is to help our men who have given up hope, who have lost everything due to drug and alcohol abuse and feel like nobody cares if they live or die, and turn them into independent and productive citizens of Ventura County.

They do their job so well that, in the last three years, over 120 men have graduated from the Mission’s Life Recovery Program and these graduates are leading clean, sober and productive lives through employment. This is possible because the chaplains truly love these men. They counsel them, help them with court and probation issues, and help them to have hope again. But every chaplain knows they can’t do their job if it wasn’t for you, our wonderful donors!