From the Director – January 2019

Looking back over 2018, I am thinking over the high and lows — the lows being the aftermath of the Thomas fire, the floods, and the more recent local fires in November. One high point was the hiring of Dee Frighetti, the new director at the Lighthouse for Women & Children, and seeing all the positive changes she is making there. Other lows which deeply concern me are the homeless men, women and children who are still on the streets; the highs, watching mothers being reunited with their children because they have overcome, through God’s grace, their addictions. The lows of seeing homeless men and women who are aimlessly walking around with nothing to do and nowhere to go, to the highs of hearing our graduates finding employment and permanent housing.

Life is a blessing to many and a daily heartache to others. With so much work still to be done, let’s not forget the past, but let’s keep stretching forward to help as many as we possibly can, as God grants us strength.

This would not be possible without you, our faithful partners in this work of rescue. Thank you for your support, compassion and commitment to see that lives are changed for good!
~ Director Saltee