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Working on Faith

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The youngest of four, Rebecca’s mother was single and ran a daycare. They moved around a lot. She had a stepfather at one time. It wasn’t a terribly inspirational time for her.
Desiring to be cool, she started smoking and doing drugs around 13 or 14 years of age. By 18, harder drugs had taken hold. This destructive lifestyle led to living on the streets, being incarcerated, and estrangement in all her relationships.

Being baptized as a child in the Presbyterian Church and her mother converting to Catholicism, Rebecca was spiritually confused. In the midst of this and her addiction, she turned her back on God. She was angry with Him. She blamed everyone else. She was all alone.

She was all alone, that is, until she started working on faith. She says, “I was living on the streets. I was sleeping in cars in parks. I didn’t know anybody. I stole a car and got caught. I plead guilty and went to jail. When I was in jail, I started reading the Bible. I knew my time was near to be released and I didn’t want to go back. I knew it was the end and I couldn’t take the streets anymore. I knew I had put my faith into all the bad things in my life. Why not put my faith into something really good? I started to apply to programs. I received a sentencing specialist and she placed me at the shelter for a few months, then I entered the Lighthouse.”

Rebecca continues, “At first I was here for a place to stay, but then I became grateful and started to believe. I have positive relationships here. I am working on faith. I am also in the process of restoring my relationships with my mother and my son.

“To the donors, staff, and volunteers, I would say thank you. You really don’t know how much you change our lives. It gives a chance at a new start and a piece of happiness. I am very, very grateful. I know where I came from and now I know where I am going. This place has given me a chance to change.” Thanks for giving to the Lighthouse.

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