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What a year, what a tremendous year!

2020 Help Change Lives

The Ventura County Rescue Mission and Lighthouse wishes to thank you all in Ventura
County, who gave of your time, resources, and gifts to make 2019 one of our best years ever!

4 Newborns started life at the Lighthouse.

55 men and women have graduated from our 10-month Life Recovery Program.

102 have found employment from our shelters and Life Recovery Programs.
$195,253.26 in fines and penalties were dismissed from our program men and women through our homeless court collaboration.

158 men and women have found housing, and all have case workers assigned.


A Few Of The Many Lives Changed For Good All Because Of You!

After ten years together, Joe’s wife got tired of his addictions and left with his two children. Joe had two children with another woman, and lost them too. “I was tired of running away from my problems. That’s what brought me to this place. It’s the best thing I ever did in my life.”

Joe is now reunited with his family, has custody of his baby, is working fulltime, and has a new car! “It’s amazing here,” he said. “They gave me hope and now everything is falling into place.”

Doug had been homeless for 16 years. It was a meal at the Mission that started his journey toward wholeness. “Obviously the way I was doing my life wasn’t working. That’s why I came here, so they can guide me. I need the structure to get my life together.” Doug is now working fulltime. He has managed to make his health a priority and has made great strides for a healthier lifestyle. And, he has reconnected with family!

Aimee got caught up in drugs after being prescribed painkillers for a knee injury. Her four children started to notice something was wrong with mom. Soon they were taken from her and placed with other family. Aimee had graduated the Life Recovery program and is now our intern here at the Lighthouse. Her family will soon have their own housing. She said her kids are so proud of her now. “My oldest told me that with everything I’ve already accomplished, she will always look up to me.”

Plans For Our Future At The Lighthouse And Mission

Program men and women will continue to grow our community outreach by going to the streets to encourage homeless men and women to enter our ten-month Recovery Programs, cleaning the parks and streets along the way.

We are going to be renovating the Angel Hotel directly across from the Lighthouse, this will allow 44 more women and children to be off the streets and cared for.

We are expanding the recovery program at the Mission to increase the number of participants by 10 to 65.

We will be enhancing our Vocational Training program to better assist our program participants in job preparation and securing employment.


We do not receive any governmental funding. Therefore, it is only possible to accomplish what we are doing and what we would like to do through generous people like you, people who care deeply for the poor and homeless. Thank you for your support.
John E. Saltee, Director Ventura County Rescue Mission

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