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I was raised with a single mom. My mom was a tough love mom and taught me to not ever ask anyone for help. The softest part of her I recall was when she would say our nightly prayers with us. My mom sent us to church to get us kids out of the house and that is how we were exposed to God. My father was in and out of prison all my life. My family came from the gang lifestyle and I found myself attracted to that lifestyle; I became involved. I ran away a lot from home during my teen years. After I left home at 18, I went to jail and I started reading my Bible. I tested God and started asking for things I needed. When I got out of jail, he gave me everything I asked for. I remember being in awe. I was still young and although God had proved himself to me I went right back to my old ways. The next seven years I stayed under the radar until one day the police raided my home and they took my son. I have never had anybody get close to me in my life except my son. I felt like I lost everything. I guess I needed this to happen to snap me out of the life I was leading. Although, I had provided a home, car, and nice clothes for my son I was not giving him what I should have; I was not there for him emotionally. I was not a good mom. I went to a program three times in one year. During that time, God showed me that drugs were not my only problem. I needed an attitude adjustment; I was prideful. I was discharged for this reason from one program and that humbled me. I looked for another program. I chose to come here to the Lighthouse because it is faith based.

Being here has taught me to set aside my pride. I am learning to be a better mom with the tools given to me here. I also never wanted to ask for help because that’s what I was taught as a child but I now know that it takes a strong person to ask for help.

My future plans are to save up for my own place and raise my son sober.

To the donors-Thank you for having such a big heart to help someone like me. You support a program that changes our heart.

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