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Rebecca told us, “I didn’t have a childhood. I took care of the house because my mom worked all day. Most of my childhood years, it was just my brother and me. My brother’s dad was in the picture but he was abusive to my mom and sexually abusive to me. I was robbed of my childhood and I grew up fast and started using at 14, ditching school, and partying. Not a healthy lifestyle at all.”

This robbery of Rebecca’s childhood led to rebellion. Rebecca adds, “Finally, one day, my mom came to her senses and left my stepfather. She got a job working at the Boys and Girls Club. At that time my brother and I started to rebel. I didn’t graduate from high school and got pregnant at 19. I was using off and on until my second child.”

Her rebellion then slid into ruin. Rebecca recalls, “I met a really good guy, but I was so used to being treated badly, that being with him almost didn’t feel normal. I would crave to be treated badly. That ruined a good relationship and lead to me using again after being clean for a few years. Eventually, I got my son taken from me when he was three. At work, I started making money and that lead to greater addiction. I went, unsuccessfully, to another program, eventually got arrested, and my mom stepped in and now has both kids. I went back to jail again and became pregnant again. I used toward the end of my pregnancy and this put me into a drug-induced labor. When my baby was born, he tested positive for meth. Right after I had him, I came to the Lighthouse. My son is four months old and I am fighting adoption.”

Rebecca began rebuilding. “I can’t go back. I am tired. I want to use my energy for better things and for my kids. Since I‘ve been at the Lighthouse I spend time with my two other children every weekend. When my kids see pictures of lighthouses, they tell people ‘my mom lives there’. I am restoring relationships with my mother and my family. I hope I am reunified with my son, my baby. I know that if that is not possible, I am at least doing everything I can. I am so grateful to be here. If I weren’t here, I would still be out there. I see the results of my recovery. When I read the Bible it speaks to me, I can relate to it. I see God working in my life.”

Rebellion and Ruin changed to Rebuilding, Recovery, Restoration, and Results, thanks to donors like you!

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