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Turning Myself In

Charles states, “The moment that I felt like I needed to seek help was when I found myself alone in downtown Santa Barbara. I didn’t know how I got there or what I was doing and I had nothing with me. I was out of control and felt suicidal. I just started crying out to…

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Not Alone in the Fight

Solitia says, “I come from a very dysfunctional family. Both of my parents used drugs. When I was born they both got locked up in jail. So I went to live with my grandmother who didn’t use. I was born prematurely at six and a half months, and I was hooked on heroine.” “From the…

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Divine Guidance

“It just seemed like, through all that time, the Lord was with me. Each door opening was an opportunity for me to get out of there. I just felt God’s presence throughout everything. I feel like He is the one who brought me here,” states Marbel. She had been betrayed by the man who said…

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One Good Thing

Keith states, “The one good thing I did have was my mother. She didn’t use or drink. She was a Christian woman, and many of the good morals I have to this day are because of her. Her values influenced me to come into this program. I’m grateful for that.” Otherwise, Keith’s childhood was chaotic.…

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True Riches

Daniel grew up with money. His father was successful financially and growing up, his family had everything they needed. Yet Daniel showed up at the mission lost. He says, “I came in here with a pair of work boots and a camouflage hat, just lost…I didn’t know what to do.” He grew up going to…

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

It doesn’t matter how quickly one arrives, but that one arrives first. We learn this from the story of the tortoise and the hare. Destiny is running her race of life this way. She says, “Through my life I knew God was with me.” Slowly, steadily this truth is playing out in her life. Not…

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Where are They Now?

As important as it is to provide food, shelter, and clothing to the poor, it’s just as important to equip the men and women who are coming into our Life Recovery Programs with vocational training. This is to provide sustainable employment for them and their families. In the last 14 months, we have been tracking…

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Infusion of Hope Found at the Mission

After being injured on the job, he lost his livelihood. Even though supported by Worker’s Compensation, between lawyers, doctors, insurance companies, and physical therapists, Robert wasn’t able to pay his bills. He says, “I ended up homeless. I tried working on ranches and doing odd jobs up in Santa Clarita. I got so tired of…

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Testing the Power of God

I was raised with a single mom. My mom was a tough love mom and taught me to not ever ask anyone for help. The softest part of her I recall was when she would say our nightly prayers with us. My mom sent us to church to get us kids out of the house…

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Arrested by God

“One day I was sitting in my van and there was a lot of illegal activity going on and for some reason I was thinking, ‘this can’t keep happening,” says Gaby. She continues, “I can’t keep doing this to myself; I can’t keep doing this to my kids and then God answered my prayers because…

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A Fresh Start

“I’ve always been a heavy drinker. After a while it was getting old,” says Jim. He continues, “I was a construction worker until the economy went under around 2008. I pulled out all my savings and ended up spending all my money on partying. After the party was over, I realized it didn’t satisfy. My…

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Quit Thinking and Start Listening

“I went through life raising kids, then, when they were all grown up, I decided to drink,” says Mike. “Alcohol ran in my family. I had the choice to pick it up or leave it and I chose to pick it up. I enjoyed the taste of it. Once I started drinking, the alcohol made…

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