The Life Recovery Program in Action

Jake grew up attending church and had spent time volunteering with his youth group at the Ventura County Rescue Mission. He never thought he would one day be one of the residents of the recovery program.

His addictions caused him to lose his wife, lose his job, and spend time ‘couch surfing’. He was strung out on speed, alcohol, and heroin. He attempted to get his life back in control a couple of times, but he just couldn’t do it.

That was when Jake decided to enter the Ventura County Rescue Mission Life Recovery Program, and he said, “It was the best decision I have ever made.” He was sick and tired of sleeping on couches and burdening people he loved, who were only enabling his destructive habits.
After his third attempt to complete the Life Recovery Program, Jake graduated in November 2014. During his time in the program, Jake received much more than sobriety. He rededicated his life to Christ, developed new relationships, and learned patience.

“I used to have no desire, except to be high.” Now Jake has new desires. After 18 years of smoking, he is officially smoke-free. He was the lead kitchen supervisor at the mission, and he has learned how to take care of the body he had abused for so many years. Through eating healthy and exercise, Jake has found new, healthier desires.

Jake will be the spiritual leader in his family, thanking God every day for the restoration with his wife and family. He says he will come back to volunteer at the mission as often as he can.

“I would like to thank God for bringing me out of the mess I had made of my life and for leading me to the Ventura County Rescue Mission.”