From the Director – July

The Ventura County Rescue Mission and Lighthouse are running our Life Recovery Programs (LRPs) at capacity. The need for change is so great that at times we have had 10 men on our waiting list and currently the Lighthouse has a dozen women waiting for a position to open.

Dee Frighetti, the director of the Lighthouse, and I are doing all we can to expand and enhance our LRPs so that more men and women can experience true freedom from drugs and alcohol, as well as gain vocational training. Once they graduate from our programs, they experience a sense of pride because they can now return to their families and adequately provide for them.

The success rate is high for those who graduate from their perspective LRPs, which is not only a benefit to the graduate, but to our entire county. For the people who were once a drain on society by being homeless and begging for money are now drug- and alcohol-free and contributing citizens of our community. Both Dee and I recognize that none of this would be possible without you, our donors. It’s your generosity that helps us help them!