From the Director – August

On one beautiful morning, Rylie, a 10-year-old girl, overheard her parents talk about coming to the Ventura County Rescue Mission to serve the poor and homeless. Moved with compassion, Rylie wanted to help too, so she placed a table and chair on the street in front of her home and made signs which read, “Help the homeless. All proceeds go to the Ventura County Rescue Mission.”

Near the end of their serve day, Rylie came to me and told me this story and then handed me a baggie containing $67.51 in bills and coins. “That’s not all,” said Rylie. She then unloaded boxes of food, clothing, shoes, and other items, all of which she wanted to donate to the poor and homeless.

In this picture is Rylie (left) with myself and one of her sisters, Alayna. Rylie has another sister Caitlyn, and her parents Jeff and Tami are very proud of all their children. We are grateful for them. Imagine if every pre-teen and family was so selfless and cared so deeply for the poor, the homeless, and the broken hearted.