Finding Love

Although Matt grew up in a Christian home in Orange County, he experienced physical and verbal abuse as a child. He was introduced to drugs and alcohol in high school and thought he found the perfect escape from his painful reality. What started as rebellion, turned into destruction. He went to rehab for two months and was able to remain sober for a couple years, but the roller coaster of addiction continued. “Little by little, my life was crumbling apart.

I was torn up and I never dealt with issues inside, so I kept slipping into depression and even attempted suicide.” He ended up on the streets, and would spend nights sleeping in the sand on the beach. “I was always scared. It didn’t feel right to wake up and not have a place to shower. Thankfully, my wife found the Ventura County Rescue Mission and dropped me off here. It’s a miracle that I am still married today. I was very nervous coming here, but I knew I needed help. The staff has been so great to me. I love the classes, especially the teaching about spiritual warfare. Also, I get to learn a vocation in the mission’s kitchen.

I am so free. It’s just like I read in the scriptures, where in Psalm 27:3, David talks about how free he feels inside his heart, and that is how I feel. The biggest change that has happened in my life is seeing prayers answered right in front of my eyes. It has even affected my wife, and she is involved in ministry now.

If I could sum up my experience at the mission in one word, it would be LOVE. And I would like to thank you. You are helping us so much with your donations. It really is changing my life. I am so thankful.” Because of you, Matt is being set free from addiction and being restored at the mission. ~ Matt