Experiencing God’s Unconditional Love!

When I came to the Lighthouse for Women and Children, I was a mess. I had just gotten out of Hillmont Mental Hospital and just got my two boys back. I had nowhere to go with my children. We were sleeping on my friend’s couch and had all our things in my car. We had no money and no family that wanted to deal with me because of my nasty attitude and how empty my heart was.

I got to the Lighthouse in February of 2010 and was given a bed for my boys and myself at the emergency shelter.

I was so happy and had hope for once in my life. Little did I know I needed much more help than I would have ever imagined. My first night I was in the shelter, I didn’t even know how to handle my own children. I was in tears and a staff member had to come over and help me. This staff member never judged me for my behavior, she just opened up her heart to me and showed me love – the type of love I had never gotten before, not even from my own family, it was unconditional.

The very next day I got into the program and had a big room to myself. I had never had a room to myself before. When I got to the program, I got so much help with life skills that I needed that helped me better raise my two boys. I also really needed and took a lot from the parenting and anger management classes.

I graduated Parent and Children Interaction Therapy, known as PCIT, which gave me even more of the parenting skills I needed. I would have never been able to do these things if it wasn’t for the Lighthouse. I also went back to school and got my GED. I was a High School dropout – I didn’t even know how to read. I went and got tutoring Monday through Thursday to learn how to read so I could pass my GED test. All this was made possible to me through the help of the Lighthouse.

I’m now in Oxnard College and have a grade point average of 3.75. I’m living in the Lighthouse’s Transitional Living Program. I still have my two beautiful boys and that means the world to me. My sons and I have a much healthier relationship then we ever could have imagined. The Lighthouse saved not only my life but my two sons as well. We now have a future and know the love of Christ through the Lighthouse; the love we have gotten from all the staff members, my church, and the many true friends I have made over the years. While here, I have been truly blessed.

I would have never done any of this without the Lighthouse on my side to thrive. Thank you, Lighthouse, with all my heart! ~ Jessica C.