From the Director, September

Imagine being so hungry you have to look into dumpsters and trash cans for anything to eat. I have had men and women tell me, “Sometimes the food is so moldy or rotten that it can’t be eaten. We try anyway, but we have a difficult time keeping it down.” These are human beings, people who have lost their way to the point that food in trash cans looks acceptable. We at the Ventura County Rescue Mission provide well over 700 meals a day! Delicious, hot, nutritious meals fit for the most well to do.

Why? Because you can’t help someone change or consider changing their lives when they are so hungry they can’t even think. There is hope for change when a person is full of delicious food, until then, all they hear is their stomach growling. It all starts with a meal, and for $2.05 you can provide one hot delicious meal, and many of you provide for the hundreds and hundreds of hungry people who are homeless and hungry.