From the Director, John E. Saltee

I haven’t seen my mother in 13 years, was how Ron, one of our recent graduates introduced his mother to me. She had tears in her eyes when she explained why she had to distance herself from her son because of his heavy drinking. She said she has always loved her son, but couldn’t watch him waste away in drunkenness.

She thanked me for the program which saved her son’s life and added, “How can you provide all this,” pointing around the dining room and chapel, “without charging the men?”

I said, “One life saved is worth all this energy and work, but to answer your question, all this is provided by our partners who give of their finances, their time and their talent so the men are not charged.” This is true for the Lighthouse too.

I shared with Ron’s mother that a great pleasure of mine is teaching the men in the chapel on a weekly basis and her son Ron was always attentive and engaged. She thanked me again and said, “This was a very good day.”