From the Director – April

Many of the men and women who come to the Mission and Lighthouse are near death’s door, although they might not realize it at that time.

One man made arrangements to come into the Mission for help in overcoming his heroin addiction and to regain a “normal life,” the kind of life that he once knew. He was scheduled to meet with our intake chaplain on Tuesday morning, but he never made it.

Inquiries were made and we were heartbroken to discover that he wanted to get high “just one more time” the night before he came into the Mission. He was found dead in his hotel room less than a mile from the Mission from a heroin overdose. Most of our chaplains have years of experience dealing with the homeless, with addicts, with those who are angry, depressed and without hope, but you will still see tears in the eyes of the most experienced chaplain when they hear of a death like the one I just mentioned.

We often tell our homeless friends who are considering entering the Mission: “Do not delay.” We say it with such urgency that they sometimes look surprised. We remind them that their delay could turn deadly and deep down inside, they know it’s true.

Thank you all who support this work of rescue, for every life is precious and worthy of our efforts.